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From: (George Goble)
Subject: Re: AC, smokes!
Message-ID: <31mrrg$>
Date: 3 Aug 1994 01:28:16 GMT

>*>  When I turn on my Ac, I can see some smoke (fumes) coming off the vents.
>Had this happen on a 69 Biscayne. A tiny pin hole in the evaporator coil was
>spraying an oily white mist that looked like steam. Hope it ain't your bugger.
>Bob Gray

Maybe he is luckier.. and is not leaking freon/oil.. but is in
real humid air.. and big muscle cars had big muscle compressors
also..and could "fog" humid air..

Other possible causes

1) low on freon.. not much total cooling.. but the area of
the evaporator by the expansion device may be -40 or -50F
creating this "fog"

2) normal system.. but dirt/molds growing have plugged the
evaporator air flow causing the fog..

3) 1) and 2) together...


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