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From: (George Goble)
Message-ID: <6kmjsb$>
Subject: Re: cheap freon source
Date: 29 May 1998 15:22:51 GMT

In article <>,
Joe Bays <> wrote:

>In article <>, (Doug
>Warner) wrote:
>> (Tony Pelliccio) wrote:
>> I've wondered, with today's rare-earth super magnets, if a sealless
>> external drive compressor could be built, where the compressor is
>> driven through a permanently sealed partition by magnetically coupled
>> rotors.   In a car system, the external drive rotor could even be
>> electromagnetic, to perform the clutch action as well.
>Absolutely yes.  Mag drive systems have been commercialized for large
>pumps.  The magnets do take up some space.  Alternatively, electric
>compressors could be used (like a refrigerator) with a big ol' alternator
>to drive it.  Then if they quit using  those stupid Ford O-rings, you'd
>have a leakproof system.
>Joe Bays
>my e-mail address is jnbays at tricon dot net

mag drive is a good idea, but the desired "goal" of most automakers
is to force "service" at 3.5 years.. I have heard that Ford
engineers (Connersville, IN, where the compressors are built) that
they are designed (spring lock connectors) to lose 1/2 charge by
3.5 to 4 years, so they can get service money. Everytime over
the RR tracks.. "psst psst".

mag drive eliminates the 2nd alternator.  I have a pump with
magdrive, but it is wimpy compared to a 2-3 ton compressor
used in auto A/C. These magnets would need quite a grip to
transmit 4-5 HP without touching anything.


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