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Newsgroups: sci.aeronautics.airliners
From: (TriStar500)
Subject: Re: Rain in the plane
Date: 20 Nov 94 01:59:01

In article <airliners.1994.1694@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Nicolas Ercan Murat
<vis@leland.Stanford.EDU> writes:

>Over Condensation is a problem that both Boeing and Airbus aircraft are
>faced with.

The MD-80 also has a bad problem with condensation in the AC ducting. Ask
any flight attendant that sits in the aft jumpseats on rotation. The water
that has collected in the ducts flows back and comes out of the bugeyes
over these seats. The flight attendants are usually the only ones that get
the shower but passengers have also been known to get soaked if there is a
large accumulation of water.

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