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Newsgroups: sci.aeronautics.airliners
From: (Andrew Chuang)
Subject: Re: FOD to an engine of a Falcon 20 (fwd)
Date: 03 Feb 95 01:47:29

Bruno Wendler ( wrote:

: Last week, at Le Bourget in Paris, a Falcon 20 crashed because of an FOD
: to his right engine (caused probably by birds in the area).

: It seems to me that this is still a problem which affects Airliners.

: Is there something which could be done concerning changes in the engine
: design in order to prevent that these situations become to dangerous ?

For each engine certification, an engine must pass two major tests
related to FOD (Foreign Object Damage).  The following is a brief list of
tests required for the B777 engines (PW4084, GE90, and Trent 800).
The tests required for different sizes of engines will be different.

1. Bird ingestion test:
   a. 4 2.5lb birds in 1 second, the engine must:
      *  not lose more than 25% of the thrust
      *  be operating for another 20 minutes after the strike
   b. 1 8lb bird, the engine must:
      *  contain any fragments
      *  no excess load
      *  be able to shutdown
      *  not start a fire
2. Blade-off test:
   the fan case must be able to contain all fragments in a blade-off

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