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Newsgroups: sci.aeronautics.airliners
From: David Lednicer <>
Subject: Re: Smoke/Fire Escape Hoods
Date: 24 Aug 94 14:01:59

	If you want more info on the newer, catalytic filter hoods call
or write:

	Safety First Products, Inc.
	2033 6th Ave, Suite 211
	Seattle, WA  98121

Tell them you want info on their Evac-U8 Emergency Escape Smoke Hood.  I
bought two ($59.95 each) about six months ago.  The storage container is
the size of a pop can and fits into a briefcase real nice.  The product info
and video that they supply gives a lot of good technical data and great
testimonials.  They offer free replacement if you ever have to use it!

	The filter takes out all the Hydogen Cyanides, Carbon Monoxide,
etc. with a catalytic filter.  They warn you that the more CO around, the
hotter the filter will get.  As long as there is sufficent Oxygen around,
you can survive for about 20 minutes with it.  The hood is made of Kapton
and is good to 1200F.

	I have a friend who works for the AAIB (Air Accident Investigation
Branch) in the UK and he tells me that they are issued smoke hoods to
carry with them on airline flights.  Kinda says something about how the
professionals view smoke hoods.

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