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Newsgroups: sci.aeronautics.airliners
From: David Lednicer <>
Subject: Re: China Airlines Jumbo
Date: 23 Nov 93 00:02:37 PST

	A similar thing happened with one of the first Bristol Britannias.
On a demo flight for an airline (Eastern or KLM) they had an engine
failure.  Due to some sort of system quirk (one story) or flight engineer
error (another story) when that engine was shut down, all four shut down.
The pilot (Bill Pegg I believe) tried to glide back to Bristol, but had to
put it down on the mudflats of the Severn river, short of the field.  The
aircraft was recoverable, but they didn't move fast enough and the tide
came in and the aircraft was flooded with saltwater.  Needless to say, the
aircraft was a write-off and the accident was another nail in the
aircraft's coffin (inlet icing was the biggest nail, besides being a

	However, I do remember reading that the JAL DC-8 that put down in
San Francisco bay short of SFO was recovered and brought back to flight
status.  The difference here might have been structural damage beyond what
an AOG team could deal with.

				-Dave Lednicer
				 Analytical Methods, Inc.

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