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From: highflyer <>
Newsgroups: rec.aviation.homebuilt,rec.aviation.ultralight,
Subject: Re: Ron Sands "Primary Glider, 1929" (bingelis books?)
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 12:05:01 -0600

William Wixon wrote:
> Highflyer,
> i tried to contact you with private email but my message bounced.
> Howdy,
>         I have not yet heard of the Bingelis books, what are they?
> thanks.
> bill wixon

Yes.  I have the untimate spam filter.  No e-mail! :-)

Tony Bingelis wrote a column for Sport Aviation for many MANY years.
It was the "Builder's Corner" and had LOTS of really solid info
about various aspects of building airplanes.  Tony built quite a
number of excellent homebuilts himself, including a Falco and a
really nice Emeraude.  Both of these did have laminated spars!

All of Tony's various articles over the years were edited and
collected into a series of books by the EAA and they sell them
individually or as a set of four.  As a set they offer some of the
BEST down to earth solid "how to" info on homebuilding aircraft that
is available everywhere.

The entire set should be in the library of anyone who sets out to
build themselves an airplane, along with the Government publications
for A&P Mechanics.  The govt pubs are the Powerplant Mechanics
Handbook, the Airframe MEchanics Handbook, the General Mechanics
Handbook, and AC43-13 1a&2 Circular on Aircraft Alteration and Repair.

Those eight books, which represent an investment of not more than
$150.00 if you buy them all new, will save  you many times their cost
by the time you finish your airplane.  Also, just reading them will
teach you a great deal about how airplanes go together and why.


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