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Subject: Stinton's Books Available
From: (David Lednicer)
Date: May 04 1995
Newsgroups: sci.aeronautics

	I have been asked several what aerodynamics and design books I
recommend.  High on my list is always Darrol Stinton's book "The
Design of the Aeroplane", but I usually have to add that it is hard to

	Today, I received the AIAA Textbook Catalog and I was suprised
to see that AIAA now offers both the "The Design of the Aeroplane" and
another of Stinton's books "The Anatomy of the Aeroplane".

	To order, call (800)682-AIAA and have your credit card ready.
Outside the US call Blackwell Science Ltd., in the UK at 44 865 206
206.  The critical info is:

		The Design of the Aeroplane
		Darrol Stinton
		ISBN 0-632-01877-1
		1983, 642 pp, paperback
		Order # 77-1(966)
		Price: $39.95 for AIAA members
		       $59.95 for nonmembers

		The Anatomy of the Aeroplane
		Darrol Stinton
		ISBN 0-632-01876-3
		1985, 322 pp, paperback
		Order # 76-3(966)
		Price: $29.95 for AIAA members
		       $49.95 for nonmembers

(No, I am not an AIAA employee, just a member (semidisgruntled))

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