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From: (Jobst Brandt)
Subject: Re: brass vs. aluminum nipples
Date: 17 Nov 1999 17:26:09 GMT

Pat Clancy writes:

> My LBS manager recommends aluminum nipples for a reason I haven't
> seen discussed here.  Although he admits that it doesn't happen
> often with road wheels, he feels that should you take a stick or
> other debris through the spokes, you'll be less likely to damage the
> rim with aluminum nipples - the spoke will strip the nipple threads.

Usually the head pops off the nipple.  As I said, threads strip during
tightening but heads pop off from fatigue and tensile stress.  On
loose surfaces (not clean dry pavement), the place where sticks most
often get in a front wheel, the rim usually comes off OK as you do an
endo over the bars.  This is not a reason to choose one type of nipple
over the other.

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