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From: (Jobst Brandt)
Subject: Re: slicks vs. treads  for road bike
Date: 5 May 1999 20:55:21 GMT

Tony DeAngelo (aka newage) writes:

> The party-line on this ng is that slicks are infinitely superior,
> but don't you believe it.  The amount of tread, or patterning, on
> all the tires you've mentioned is small enough to be
> inconsequential.  Far more important is the quality of construction
> and materials.  IMO the companies that make the best bicycle tires
> tend to be (not surprisingly) research-oriented companies which are
> fairly large and have deep resources. Michelin, Vredestein, and
> Continental all would qualify.  I also think Vittoria Open clinchers
> are excellent.  Ultimately, only by trying out a tire can you decide
> what you like best.

One might deduce from this that, for instance, Avocet tires are made
in a garage in Newark CA.  However, tires are made by major brand
manufacturers and Avocet's as well as those of several other so called
non manufacturers are made by IRC, a large and respected tire
manufacturer.  That does not mean they are identical but the tread
rubber of the more expensive ones probably is the best that IRC has.

As far as tread patterns go, they have benefit only where they make
an impression on the surface of the road.  Most tread patterns are so
insignificantly shallow that they are as good as slick, but not quite,
according to tests on a lean angle machine.

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