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From: Bob Falkiner <>
Subject: Re: Cetane rating in Diesel Fuel
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 10:58:14 -0500

It is dangerous to mix gasoline into diesel, kerosene, fuel oils etc
because the vapour space above the liquid fuel in the tank becomes
explosive at normal ambient temperature.  Normally, the vapour space in
a diesel tank is mostly air, and the mixture is too lean (not enough
fuel) to burn.  Gasoline is the other way around.  It is very volatile,
and the vapour space is mostly fuel vapour and is too rich to burn or
explode. These are the only two conditions under which it is safe to
handle either fuels.  If you mix gasoline and diesel fuels together, the
vapour space becomes explosive, and any ignition source such as static,
wiring etc. could cause the tank to explode.  

gasoline, naphtha, solvents etc should never be mixed with diesel fuels,
fuel oils, kerosene etc.  

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