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From: (David J Heisterberg)
Subject: Re: front-wheel vs. rear-wheel drive...
Date: 10 Jan 1996 20:10:10 GMT

In article <4d124p$>, rthomson  <rthomson> wrote:
>Lack of direct drive?  What are you talking about?

It means you're always driving the output shaft through gears rather
than a direct lockup between input and output.

           *  *  *     *
 output  ==========={}===  input   Pretend the * are gears.  With
           *  *  *     *           direct drive the {} locks the
           *  *  *     *           input and output shaft.  Otherwise
         ================  lay     the input drives the lay which
           *  *  *     *           drives the output.

It's kind of hard to get this arrangement in a fwd transaxle.

Dave Heisterberg

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