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From: Bob Falkiner <>
Subject: Re: Heating Oil and Diesel Fuel
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 11:17:10 -0500

Graig Pearen wrote:
> (dlm) wrote:
> >Can anyone tell me the difference between Heating Oil and Diesel Fuel. Can a
> >diesel engine run on heating oil without modification of damage?
> >dave
> Heaing oil is "Arctic" grade diesel. It is thinner and does not gell
> at low temperatures. It has lower lubricating qualities so should
> not be used in engines in warm weather but is ok in the
> winter (-30 temperatures).
> We have 3 grades of diesel fule in this area:
> - summer
> - winter (for fall and spring use)
> - Arctic (for cold weather use)
> ,,,Graig
Heating oil is generally a lower quality than diesel fuel, since it is
intended to be burnt for heat and not in a more demanding application
like a diesel engine.  The winter/summer differences apply to both
fuels, to ensure that they don't get too viscous or solid from wax
precipitation to interfere with equipment operation.  Manufacturers
tailer the fuel according to the climate it is going to.  For example
fuel going to the interior of BC would have to withstand colder
temperatures than fuel going to the lower mainland where it is always

hope this helps

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