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From: (Andy Dingley)
Subject: Re: Belts and Hoses
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1996 19:19:26 GMT

The moving finger of S. Drake) having

>Dayco "Dynaflex" hoses and belts. I am not very familiar with this brand. 

Dayco are fine. I'm running on their belts right now. The sort with
the toothed _back_ to the V belt are noticably quieter. 

It's difficult to find a bad quality belt or hose - only the really
nasty ones have problems these days. An exception is fuel hose; I
always use fabric reinforced rubber hose to BS AU108  (British
Standard), which is boat grade. There's a similar US coastguard (?)
standard. Boat people are paranoid about petrol on board boats, and
their hose standards are higher than the usual for cars. "Normal"
grade hose goes brittle with age and starts to crack. Clear plastic,
even if mesh reinforced, is just asking for trouble -- Most of the car
fires I've extinguished have been due to a split petrol hose.

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