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From: (George Goble)
Subject: Re: AV Hummer Questions   (WHY?)
Date: 14 Aug 1997 19:30:18 GMT

In article <>,

>It should also be water tight and able to drive under water on the bottom
>of the ocean for short periods of time.

This one is almost true.  The Humvee is the military version, and
it can be equipped with a snorkel (tall stack).  I talked to the
guy (Jim Bella) who did development on them.  He had a pix in his
office of Humvees being driven on the bottom of the Pacific ocean
several hundred feet off the beach (San Diego).  The top of the roof
was underwater, with only the top of the snorkel above the water.
They remove the doors and drive in scuba gear.  The standard
Humvees can ford 60" of water with the snorkel kit, but they
have no "interior" to get ruined or short out like the civialan
Hummer (with radios, street legal lights, etc). Both  have sealed
starters, but the Hummer alternator is not sealed like the military.
The Civilian Diesel Hummers can ford 30" of water though.
They can be driven all day long at their rated fording depths.


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