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From: David Johnson <emory!!johnson>
X-Source: The Hotrod Mailing list
Date: Sep 1993
Subject: Re: fountain of oil / Hooker headers
X-Sequence: 6391

The Hotrod List wrote:
> -> Did you know there's a paint called Kilz that will cover even soaked
> -> in oil on sheetrock?  Got to paint a whole wall.  JGD]

It's up there on my list with epoxy plumber's putty, WD40, and air.
The stuff smells like a concentrated Elmer's Glue to me.  If you go
back over for a 2nd coat before it's completely dry, you'll never
get the roller off the wall :-)

[And that's the water-based version!  Try the solvent-based one sometime.
From my fire, there is over 200 gallons of this stuff sprayed on the
joists and walls that didn't actually burn.  The construction crew first
pressure washed and chemical treated the surfaces to kill the smoke
odor and then fired away with the Kilz.  Absolutely amazing.   Everything
was covered - smoke, soot, tar, oil and so on.  One wall had a shelf
full of oil cans near the ceiling.  The cans exploded from the heat
and the oil went everywhere.  Kilz covered it without a sign.  Two years
later is is still white without a shadow of seepage.  My shop is now so
bright from everything being that screaming, blinding titanium white
that it almost hurts the eyes.  I love it!  JGD]

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