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From: emory!!hale (bob hale)
X-Source: The Hotrod Mailing list
Date: May 1994
Subject: Re: red lead stuff
X-Sequence: 8484

Dave Williams wrote:
 So far no local parts store or dealer carries or can get any, and I
can't find any in any of my catalogs.  What *is* "red lead paste" and
where can I get some?

I don't know if us mere mortals can get it any more.  It is a lead compound
with a reddish color.  It's a soft paste.  I suspect that it may have been
used in paints in the past.  I suspect that it is "politically incorrect"
at this time.

A satisfactory substitute is Dykem layout paint.  The purpose of the
red lead paste was to allow you to see if the gears were touching in
the correct places.  The red lead paste would be squeezed out of the
contact areas and thus would show the fit.  The Dykem will be worn
off by the gear contact and will show you the same thing.  It's a bigger
nuisance because the gears have to be degreased for the Dykem to stick,
and you may have to spray the gears a number of times.  And when you
are done you will need a good solvent to take off the Dykem.  I have used
the usual solvents such as acetone and MEK.  Maybe alchohol would work
better; the Dykem is alchohol based.  Hoppe's #9 Nitro Powder Solvent
seems to work very well so maybe kerosene would work.

Bob Hale

[I'd consider Dykem to permanent to be useful.  What you want is something
that will leave a distinctive mark as a thin film and yet rub off easily.
I noticed at the last NHRA race I attended that the Strange Gear people
were using what looked to me like a white pigmented, very thin grease.
Richmond Gear was using something that looked very similar.  I'd not be
surprised to find that they'd mixed titanium dioxide paint pigment with
some light white grease.  A call to either Strange or Richmond should
reveal the secret formula.  Me, I use exactly that.  Titanium dixoide
paint pigment is available from paint stores.  JGD]

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