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Date: Tue May 4 12:48:37 1993   
From: (Gary A Browning)
Subject: Re: Aftermarket Electronic Ignition Systems

>>The MSD box is an excellent unit.  It makes a big differnece in idle 
>>quality and low speed running.  It will trigger from either points or
>>variable reluctor pickups.  The MSD-6AL contains the rev limiter.

What is a "variable reluctor pickup"?  Does this pickup off the distributor
cam using some type of disk and magnet?  Currently, I have single points
and I want something to replace them that does not wear.

- Gary
  Internet Z-Club Member #70

[the variable reluctor pickup is standard on all 260 and up stock distributors.
There is a star-like mechanism that rotates and a coil where the points
used to be.  When the star aligns with the coil pole piece, the reluctance
of the magnetic path is radically changed and that induces a pulse in the coil.

The later model distributors are slightly larger than the points ones, a 
desirable property.  They are cheap from salvage yards so that is the 
recommended course of action rather than trying to backfit a pickup to
a points distributor.  JGD]

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