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From: John De Armond
Subject: Re: Oh what a day
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 19:06:51 EST
Newsgroups: rec.outdoors.rv-travel

HHamp5246 wrote:
> In article <>,
> (Mickey Lane) writes:
> >
> >In one day, I go from ignorant bliss to AARP and golf carts.
> >What's next, pale blue polyester jump suits?
> Say, now that you mention it..... every park I stay has a least one guy in a
> blue jump suit... what's up with that?

Weellll, I ah, er, have a pair of those. (should I admit that?)  Use
'em for work clothes when I have to grovel on the ground under a
vehicle.  Most comfortable article of clothes I've ever worn.  I
think the deal is, you have to reach a certain age before your "I
don't give a damn what anyone thinks" gene is mature enough to let
you wear 'em in public.

The other pair of work coveralls I have are the bright oranges ones
used at the jail.  You ought to see the looks I get when I wear 'em
to the auto parts place and people see the "Bradley County Jail
Inmate" printed on the back :-)  I'm 6'7"/330 lbs so I have to take
my clothes wherever I can find 'em to fit.  Jailhouse surplus


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