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From: John De Armond
Subject: Re: Exterior plastic problems
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 18:28:18 EST
Newsgroups: rec.outdoors.rv-travel

Jay L wrote:
> I am sure that everyone has seen a really nice looking RV.  You look a
> little closer and see that the  outside plastic refrig access door has
> yellowed from what was once white.  The same for almost any white
> plastic that was on the exterior, Even the once white fiberglass doors
> have turned yellow. I complained to my RV manufacturer (Sunnybrook)
> and they have sent me some no charge replacement parts for the refrig
> access door and refrig roof vent and kitchen exhause fan vent. The
> plastic in the roof vent was disintegrating.  I also bought a
> replcement front awning piece (rotates up) that is a metal  frame
> around a fiberglass sheet with a graphic on it (mountain scene).  This
> piece had faded, had stone chips and turned yellow.
> What can be done to keep these like new?  

Keep it covered or indoors.  Paint 'em with automotive paint when
they finally discolor too much.

>Can these pieces be painted
> with automobile clear coat?


> Will the clear coat run or dissolve the
> graphic which is a decal? 


Sign shops use a special primer that protects the ink from the
paint.  A popular brand is "Frog Juice".  Find a place that makes
vinyl signs and see if they'll sell you some.  Or check your phone
book for sign supply distributors.  Or even better, see what one of
these guys will charge to paint it for you.  Having experience in
painting expensive vinyl decals is invaluable.

Some sign guys use the UV-resistant version of Krylon krystal clear
aerosol.  This is one of the few paints that will get a good bite on
vinyl.  However, it will also dissolve the decal ink so extreme care
is required to dust on a dry coating.  Would be very tricky on a
vertical surface.

> Has anyone solved any of these problems?

Yeah.  Put up a carport or garage.  Not so outrageous as it sounds. 
I'm having one of those aluminum carports erected later in the
spring for my MH.  I have a firm quote of $1000 to supply and
install the carport on legs tall enough to accommodate my MH.  The
previous owner of my '82 Itasca had built a custom fully enclosed
barn for it.  All the plastic looks new.  If you can't build a
carport, at least put a good UV-blocking cover on it when not in

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