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From: John De Armond
Subject: Re: impact wrench for fulltimer
Date: Sat, 08 Apr 2000 04:44:10 EDT
Newsgroups: rec.outdoors.rv-travel

Michael wrote:
> When fulltiming I will not carry compressor and pneumatic tools.  Does
> anyone have experience with an Electric impact wrench?  Do they work
> well?  (I sure would hate to rotate my tires the old fashioned way).
> Also, what size inverter will work an electric impact wrench?
> tia, Michael

My experience is that any fastener that a 1/2" air impact wrench
will effortlessly loosen, a 120 volt operated impact wrench will
loosen with some difficulty.  It should work OK for light duty lug
nuts.  I have my serious doubts as to its usefulness on the larger
fasteners used on motorhomes.  12-volt-operated wrenches:  Nah. 
Save your money.

let me suggest a couple of alternatives that will save your back and
your bankbook.  I carry an X type lug wrench and plenty of wooden
blocks for tire changing.  I've  had the occasion to use both.  What
I do to loosen the lug nuts is to block up the opposite end of the
lug wrench.  I can then stand on one of the "X" arms.  300 lbs on
the end of a 2 foot long lever arm is a LOT of torque :-)  

Another alternative that costs a little money is the torque
amplifier.  This is a device containing a planetary gear set, a
lever arm to press against something solid and male and female
square socket fittings.  To use, you fit a socket to one end of the
device and a ratchet or breaker bar to the other.  Rest the lever
arm against the ground or anything else solid.  As you turn the
ratchet, your torque is multiplied by the gearbox ratio.  I've seen
millwrights using these things with 1000:1 ratio to turn several
inch diameter bolts on steam turbine housings.  This isn't usually a
hardware store tool - you'll have to get one from the Rip-off, er
Snap-On man or equiv.  I have a 3/4" drive, 10:1 unit that I dearly
love.  Much more convenient for many jobs than dragging out the air
hose and wrench.

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