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From: emory!!rmwise (Bob_Wise)
X-Source: The Hotrod Mailing list
Date: Feb 1994
Subject: Re: Towing question
X-Sequence: 7546

If you gotta tow it this way, you gotta, but...

You won't be happy with acceleration with the smallblock.  If you have
a light-duty transmission, it will also suffer.  The tranny cooler is
mandantory.  I don't think you will need a bigger alternator.

My dad towed a heavy two-horse trailer with a huge Mercury Grand Marquis
station wagon, which is now in my possession.  The power was fine (460),
the transimission (C6) required regular rebuilds.  I have towed my Mustang
road race car with this wagon as well.  On the most recent rebuild, I
put an RV torque converter and a shift kit in it.

Even with the big wagon, there are two weak spots: braking and
rear-end sway.  Under severe braking, the rear of the wagon gets
pushed all over the place.

I have been unhappy enough with the safty of towing with the wagon
to have purchased a 3ton F700 crew-cab dually.  It is actually a
bit slower than the wagon (I'll be fixing that soon), but the braking
and handling difference is enormous.

I think you can do it, but be careful.  I suspect you will be rebuilding
your transmission a lot.  Use semi-metallic pads on the front. Make
sure your trailer brakes work.

PS: I own a 240Z.  Four tons of sand, are you kidding???

[Thanks for the info.  I figured the Elky would be marginal but if
it will work until the money starts flowing, I'll buy a box van
which is what I really need.  As to the Z, yes indeed.  Imagine
a large horse trailer but without the top.  Now imagine towing this
thing over to the concrete block yard to get some flue blocks, a couple
of bags of mortar mix and 500 lbs of sand.  Now imagine a front end
loader operator that gets carried away and fills the trailer to the
brim with wet sand.  No extra charge and I'm only a couple of
miles from the house so I go for it.  Couldn't move the rig with
the clutch so launching it was a case of 5500 rpms and sidestepping
the clutch.  Tire smoke for MINUTES.  About a quarter mile from
home I got stuck on the lip of the pavement where one road rose
a little to meet the other.  Ended up calling my dad who came over
with his bronco.  I made it home with the bronco strapped to the
front towing lugs!  Hey, you can do that in a small town. :-)  JGD]

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