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From: emory!!rick (Rick Kirchhof)
X-Source: The Hotrod Mailing list
Date: Jul 1993
Subject: Re: Tranny Cooler

> I'm about to buy a cooler for my FMX in my 70' Mustang and was wondering 
> what size I should go with or any things I should include or do when I put
> this on.  Any favorite brands?   Thanks.
> Tom McClendon
> ----------
> Posted by: emory!!gt7038d (MCCLENDON,WILLIAM THOMAS)

Having been in the RV industry, Hayden is a name seen often.  I believe
that they have a patent on some aspect of the transmission cooler they
make.  You should consult the application guide for several manufacturers
and compare your total combined vehicle weight with the charts they
offer to see how big (physically and cooling wise) they say you should have.

This brings up an interesting question.  In Hayden's installation guide,
if memory serves, you should insert the cooler in the return line from
the radiator.  I have always done just the opposite.  I know for max temp
reduction that you need to cool it in the radiator and then air cool it
just before sending the transmission fluid back to the tranny.  My
applications don't push the combination to it's ultimate limits and are
monitored by a transmission pan temp gauge.  My thinking is that the time
spent towing is a small fraction of total operation and in the winter it
is difficult to avoid over cooling the fluid.  By blowing off all the heat
the cooler can waste right out of the transmission, I rewarm the trans
fluid in the radiator and protect the system during all seasons, loaded
or empty.  Remember, the radiator both helps in transmission warm up and
cool off, and that ATF is similar to 30 weight oil.  It will create more
friction losses and accelerate wear if allowed to remain cold all the

Any comments?

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