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From: (Andy Dingley)
Subject: Re: Crazy stories about quick fixes using JB weld,duct tape,bailing 
	wire, etc.
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 18:52:14 GMT

The moving finger of OLIVER SOLARO <OLIVER SOLARO @NT.COM> having

>we discovered that the right side piston was carved from a solid 
>piece of wood! 

I'm surprised to see an aircooled motorbike with a wooden piston in
the '70s or later, but this was a well-known fix during the '40s. Our
White Scout Car engine (one of those boxy WW2 half tracks, only with 4
wheels) had two wooden pistons, turned from beech and fitted with
aluminium disks to protect the crowns. We had a whole new set of
pistons made, but were sorely tempted to keep the wooden pistons in
place as a period hack.

Of course we then found out about the warehouses full of White parts
in Belgium   8-(

Andy Dingley                

"Cut the second act and the child's throat"
  - Noel Coward, on seeing the young Bonnie Langford on stage

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