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From: (Gerald L. Hurst)
Newsgroups: sci.chem
Subject: Re: Copper/Cupric Oxide Question
Date: 24 Feb 1996 22:08:12 GMT

In article <4gm3cp$>, (Dr
Nancy's Sweetie) says:

>"Bright copper kettles".  Shouldn't these also form
>a layer of cupric oxide, and shouldn't that also be toxic?  It seems odd
>to make food preparation containers out of a material which supposedly
>forms toxins.  It seems extra-odd that people don't get sick after eating
>food cooked in such pots.

I should have added in my prior response that a little copper can
sometimes be beneficial in cooking.

Lined copper (tin) is the preferred cookware of great chefs unless 
they can afford silver. These metals have high thermal conductance
which assures uniform heating across the cooking surface. There are 
cases where untreated copper is used in food preparation. Egg whites 
beaten in a copper bowl, for instance, produce a superior meringue.

Jerry (Ico)

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