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From: (Marvin Minsky)
Subject: In Memoriam: Larry Lippman
Organization: MIT Media Laboratory
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1992 04:43:38 GMT

I regret to tell you that Larry Lippman suddenly passed away.  (Heart
attack, no warning whatever.)

I never met him myself, but I tremendously appreciated his thoughts
and ideas on this network.  It meant a lot to me -- and I'm sure to
hundreds of you, as well -- to feel that if I had any question at all,
about the most exotic chemical (or electronic) issues -- I would
always know a resource to try.  Just type a little note, with no
effort, and get a wise reply the next day.
And then no words from him for such a long time that I could not
resist breaking the rules -- as in "True Names" -- of invading another
person's private life.  His wife Cindy told me what had happened, and
that he was only 42, and went to college at the age of 12 (as you
might have guessed) and a few things like that.

It isn't fair.

        Marvin Minsky

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