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From: (Gerald L. Hurst)
Newsgroups: sci.chem
Subject: Re: Liquid Paper Solvent
Date: 20 Nov 1995 01:54:13 GMT
Organization: Consulting Chemist
Lines: 15

In article <48nq32$ovd@muss.CIS.McMaster.CA>,
u9301134@muss.cis.McMaster.CA (C. Base) says:

>Could anyone tell me what the solvent in Gillette's Liquid Paper(tm) is? 
>It used to say 1,1,1-trichloroethane on the label, but now all they say is
>that a Material Safety Data Sheet is available (in Canada, at least).  To
>the average Tom, Dick, and Harry, this is useless.  Is it still Cl3C-CH3? 

I'm the guy who put the 111 in Liquid Paper, but the general 
formulations anticipated later switching to other materials
in case 111 was found to have unanticipated problems. If I
knew what they are using, I couldn't tell, but I don't so I'll
surmise that it is an HFC - that's what I would use :)


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