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From: larry@kitty.UUCP (Larry Lippman)
Newsgroups: sci.chem
Subject: Re: Silly Putty
Summary: Actual formula for Silly Putty
Date: 14 Aug 90 01:42:49 GMT

In article <8310001@hplsla.HP.COM>, natalies@hplsla.HP.COM 
(Natalie Schuchard) writes:
>      About a year(?) ago a recipe for silly putty was posted, was
> that here? Can it be reposted or emailed to  me?

        I don't recall the specific article to which you refer, but I can
tell you the *exact* Silly Putty [tm] formula used for many years by its
manufacturer, Binney & Smith Co.  This may not be the current formula
(see note below), but the following information was freely disclosed by
Binney & Smith to those persons and organizations dealing with poison
control and consumer product toxicology.

        Dow-Corning silicone polymer            82.4% by weight
        Boric oxide                              4.5%
        Lithopone white pigment (barium sulfate,
          zinc sulfide and zinc oxide)           9.3%
        Glycerine                                1.7%
        Ferric stearate                          1.7%
        Red iron oxide                           0.2%
        Oleic acid                               0.2%

        Due to potential toxicty, boric oxide may no longer be used.

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