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From: "Barry L. Ornitz" <>
Subject: RE:  Conductive Grease
Date: Jun 12 1997

I thought I posted this yesterday when I replied to Jim Garver, but
evidently not...

Something that people seem to be forgetting is that Penetrox or NoAlOx or
similar compounds are just fine zinc particles in lubricating grease.
When clamping aluminum surfaces together, the zinc particles "bite
through" the aluminum oxide layer covering the aluminum and create a
better contact.  Galvanically, zinc is the best material for this
purpose.  These compounds are ONLY suitable for aluminum.  When used
between aluminum and copper, galvanic corrosion will occur anyway.  The
grease itself is not conductive, but it does tend to keep moisture away
from the connection.

If it were not for the fact that zinc is much softer than steel, putting it
between a trailer hitch and a trailer ball would be like adding an

	73,  Barry L. Ornitz   WA4VZQ

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