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From: John De Armond
Subject: Re: Toilet Paper!!!(To Bill Horne)
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 20:03:05 EST
Newsgroups: rec.outdoors.rv-travel

D LeDane wrote:
> John said:(slightly edited for brevity)
> That was me with the camera. Just curious as to why you find that so
> surprising.... It's not the "yuck" factor, is it?...
> --
> John De Armond
> Neon John's Custom Neon
> Cleveland, TN
> "Bendin' Glass 'n Passin' Gas"
> Hi John,
> After reading many "Toilet paper" posts,
> I couldn't remember who did the camera investigation of their holding
> tank. I'm not surprised by it. Just didn't consider what with the
> valves, curves and elbows attached to the tank that a camera would be
> able to reach. As for the "yuck" factor, I'm in the dry cleaning
> business. Hasn't been much I haven't seen or smelt! :-)

The outlet on my black water tank is a straight shot right out the
side.  Itasca/Winnebago (or a contractor) appears to have welded up
this rather convoluted tank from panels of poly plastic.  All that
sticks out the bottom of the tank is an about 4" long nipple.  the
dump valve attaches using a hose clamp type rubber pipe splicer. 
The shot from the head is also straight into the tank.  This is one
of the best plumbing setups I've seen as far as resistance to

BTW, this little lipstick cam is one of the handiest things I've
bought in recent times.  It's one of those things that you'd never
think you had a use for until you get it.  It and a battery powered
TV make a really nifty combo.  Everything from finding a rattle in a
cabinet or door to spotting a part dropped into an impossible
opening to looking into walls (buildings, not MH) when running
plumbing and electrical to auto mechanics.  I recently solved a long
running problem of momentary flooding in my 68 Fury.  I mounted the
camera over the carb opening and went driving.  At a certain RPM,
the vibration was apparently causing the float needle valve to leak
so that gas ran out the booster jets when it wasn't supposed to. 
Replacing the needle and seat solved the problem.  This little cam
is almost as useful as a borescope. 

I can imagine what you see in the cleaning biz.  I have a customer
for neon who owns several dry cleaners.  Some of the tales....


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