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Subject: Re: Cat 5 cable types: "plenum"?
From: Henry Spencer <>
Date: Feb 20, 1996
Newsgroups: comp.dcom.lans.ethernet

In article <4g8p8c$> (John Schmitz) writes:
>...two types of solid Cat 5 cable:  regular and "plenum".  What's
>the difference?  The regular is about $100/1000 feet, while the
>"plenum" is $300/1000 feet.
>What does the extra money buy?

Teflon insulation, which is a lot closer to being fireproof than the
cheaper plastics.  "Plenum" cable is for installation in areas used for
air circulation -- e.g., the above-ceiling-tile space in many buildings --
where the fire-safety people are very touchy about fire/smoke hazards.
In general, you use plenum cable if fire-safety codes say you must, and
regular cable otherwise.  For home use, stick to regular.
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