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From: John De Armond
Subject: Re: Vision Problems
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 01:28:08 EDT

Eliz wrote:
> "headset-type stereo magnifier goggles"  Are those like the jeweler's flip
> down magnifiers?
> Where do you get them and $? Sounds like something I could use. I wear
> contacts _and_ reading glasses. Still can't pick up a splinter!

The ones I like the best are called Opti-Visor.  I buy 'em at the
local flea market.  Cost is about $30.  Features I like:

*	Glass two element lenses
*	Low dispersion glass means very high quality image.
*	Very  high quality headpiece with built-in sweat band.
*	Lens of different power are easily snapped in and out.
*	"kickers" (clip on additional magnification lenses" are available.

There are some cheaper versions available but of all I've tried,
these are the best.  the cheap ones generally have plastic lenses
which are inferior to the two element glass ones.

I keep 4x ones around as general purpose lenses.  Good compromise
between magnification and depth of field. 7X goes in the shop and
10X on the electronic bench.

If you have some really serious money to spend, you might want to
look at the stereo surgical binoculars.  My brother uses them in his
practice.  This consists of a set of glasses ground with your
distance prescription.  A hole is drilled in each one and a wide
angle, very bright, and very high depth of field telescope is
cemented in place in each lens.  They are custom-fitted to each
user.  His head is much smaller than mine so I can't really get the
full benefit of wearing his set but even so, the view is
incredible.  At my electronics bench, I can see everything I can
reach in focus at 3X magnification!  About $2k including custom


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