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From: (Arno Hahma)
Newsgroups: rec.pyrotechnics
Subject: Re: Super Oxidizer II- Return of the Pool Chemicals
Date: 2 Jul 1997 13:22:37 +0300

In article <01bc84a5$21f1db60$LocalHost@default>,
donald j  haarmann <> wrote:

>"The oxidizer should be a solid with a melting point not below 50-60C and
>have the following properties:

>1) contain the maximum quantify of oxygen;
>2) readily give up oxygen during combustion of the pyrotechnic composition;
>3) be a chemical compound stable in the range of -60 to +60C and inert to
>the action of water;
>4) be nonhygroscopic;
>5) be readily available;
>6) have no toxic effect on the human organism."

Sounds like ammoniumdinitramide would fit that set of
requirements pretty well, except the #5. ADN is NH4N(NO2)2.
It thus contains a little more than 50% available oxygen for
well reducing fuels or about 25% for less reducing ones. In
addition, ADN is environmentally very good, no toxic gases
generated when it decomposes.

>donald j haarmann


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