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From: "Lloyd E. Sponenburgh" <>
Newsgroups: rec.pyrotechnics
Subject: Re: Proofing a Small Black Powder Cannon
Date: 4 Mar 1996 14:06:48 GMT (Bernie Willis) wrote:
>inert powder. My first thought is to use flour but maybe someone has a 
>better suggestion. I want LOTS OF SMOKE! (Noise is fine too)

In addition to Murr's comments, I'd like to add a hint for lots of fire and

Top off your powder charge, not with a wad, but with a 3:1 load of air-float
charcoal, lightly rammed over the powder.  (3:1 air-float-to-powder _volume_)

This will give the ever-sought "dragon's breath" fireball effect, along with
a very nice smoke ring, if the geometry of the barrel is right.  Short'n'fat
is more conducive to the rings than long'n'thin, so yours might work just fine.


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