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Newsgroups: rec.pyrotechnics
From: (Arno Hahma)
Subject: Re: Rocket Ideas
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 1995 08:08:06 GMT

In article <3hojmo$>, Mick Ishmael <> wrote:
>Larry Litton ( wrote:

>: I need some Rocket Body design ideas.....I've built of custom engines and 
>: now I need some ideas to custom build the rocket body...any suggestions?  

Cast it. I make the body out of glass fibre reinforced epoxy or
polyester by injection molding directly onto the propellant grain. Fins
are formed at the same time. Nose cone is made separately, with the same

A hint: when the case is cured under high pressure, the grain becomes
pre-stressed and the rocket will be able to operate at considerably
higher pressures than otherwise.

Nozzle could be made of silica-phenolic resin (ablative to some degree;
you can accept that unless you want to make high precision, free flying
artillery rockets). The easiest way is to make the rockets nozzleless;
find a fuel composition that is fast enough and burns stable at a wide
pressure range.

>: I need some help figuring out how to custom design a nose cone (materials 
>: etc. and the main body tube.  I would appreciate any suggestions.

>: Larry

>see also rec.models.rockets

They might not like amateur rockets...


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