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Subject: Re: Sulfer Stuff
From: (Gerald L. Hurst)
Date: Mar 15 1997
Newsgroups: rec.pyrotechnics

In article <5gbt0d$>, says:

>Exactly what can i do with sulfer besides making black powder or a really 
>funky smell?

Melt it, then pour the melted substance into cold water to make 
plastic sulfur.  Note that it has really excellent elasticity.  
Remember that sulfur is relatively inert so this rubber-like 
material would be of great use if it could be stabilized in this 
elastomeric state.  Now find a way to prevent the plastic sulfur 
from returning to its original friable crystalline state within
a short period of time and you can become rich and and famous.

Mix it with iron filings and then wet the mixture with water and
wait.  After an induction period the materials will react to form
iron sulfide with sufficient heat evolution to cause the mass to 
bubbles and steam.  You can make a nifty volcano by running the 
reaction under a pile of dirt if you are young enough to enjoy
such play.

Spread it on your lawn to kill ticks if you have ticks in your lawn.

Melt it and use it to seal metal posts into concrete.

Pour the melted material into the chamber of a plugged rifle or
shotgun to make an accurate casting for measuring the internal 

Sit there and stare at it and wonder why nobody gave you any 
decent suggestions.

Jerry (Ico) 

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