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From: (Tracy Aquilla)
Newsgroups: sci.agriculture
Subject: Re: GMO or not ?
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 99 22:11:55 GMT

In Article <>, Oz
<> wrote:
>In article <>, sarah
><> writes
><On Tracy>
>>I see from your comments elsewhere
>>you've no experience of the UK.
>Tracy was an organic farmer for some years and comes from a long line of
>organic farers and beekeepers in the US.

Thanks for the introduction, Oz. Some minor corrections are in order. Until
recently, my relatives in Maryland had a farm that was in the family for
over 300 years (original land grant from Lord Baltimore). They quit growing
tobacco when I was a kid, but kept up the dairy (not organic) until the end.
Today the Washington Redskins football stadium occupies the site (at least
they saved the old houses). The last year I worked on that farm was 1981. I
started growing organically in 1983 (a 'truck farming' operation), after
attending ag college in Vermont, and got into the beekeeping in '86.

>He is some sort of bio-
>geneticist-physicist by profession and I believe does work on GMO's at

A molecular geneticist by profession, but more recently, a US patent agent,
although I also do some technical consulting work for the NIH.

From: Tracy Aquilla <>
Newsgroups: sci.agriculture
Subject: Re: Dangers of GM
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 10:58:56 -0400

ant wrote:

> been researching our friend Tracy, did you know Tracy is a male?

Yes, I know. ;-)  If that information is important to you, you should have
simply asked. I try to make it a habit to always answer when people ask
questions of me. I believe you can learn much more about me by simply asking
than by searching the web.

> and has claim dot have a Ph.D.. and is either an entomologist or a
> geneticist or both

Both - PhD in molecular genetics, MS in entomology, and BS in biochemistry and
animal science. I also have a law degree. I can send you a complete resume if
you wish.

> seems to run or have been involved with some sort of
> biotech consulting company.

The "company" was a sole proprietorship (i.e., me). While attending law
school, I held myself out as a biotech consultant to help pay the bills. In
that capacity, the only client I had was the NIH. For about three years, I
consulted with an NIH research group studying schizophrenia, showing them
which experiments to perform and how.

> rather neat trick to use his second name while
> posting, i believe his first name is Thomas.

My name is Thomas Tracy Aquilla. For my entire life, I have gone by the name
Tracy. The only people who refer to me as Thomas are those who have seen my
name but do not know me. In my experience, most people who find this confusing
have the common decency to ask before assuming the worst, as you have.

> after doing a search with
> google i did not turn up any listed publications in the areas of his
> claimed specialty that he has contributed to either.

My resume includes a list of publications. I can e-mail a copy if you like.

> perhaps i should ask some more questions and decide whether to waste my
> time with him.

Perhaps you should ask questions first, next time, instead of making
assumptions and playing silly games. Unlike many who post to Usenet, I have
nothing to hide and I use my real name.

Please, tell us about yourself, ant.
Thomas T. Aquilla, Ph.D., J.D.
Registered Patent Agent No. 43,473

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