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Newsgroups: misc.survivalism
From: (The Polymath)
Subject: Re: [FOOD STORAGE] How long can cans of food be stored?
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 1994 01:48:15 GMT

In article <> (E. Michael Smith) writes:

}Cans and paper cartons.  Even plastic pails of grain.  ALL of them
}have had some kind of failure for me.  Either corrosion for the
}cans or bugs for the others...

Here's a trick to keep bugs out of commercially packed flour:

The problem is, the bugs are already in the flour in the form of eggs when
you buy it.  There's no practical way to prevent that, so the packagers
don't even try.  What you do is bring your 5 lb. sack of flour home from
the store and put it in your freezer for 24 hours.  That will kill the bug
eggs.  Then store it in a sealed plastic container, a la Tupperware.

This also works with birdfeed/seed, which often has a lot of moth eggs in

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