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From: (Ed Harris)
Subject: Shelf Life of .22 LR Ammunition
Organization: FidoNet node 1:109/417.0 - Silver Bullet, Frank Mallory

If the ammo is good to begin with, it will last a long time.  I am 
still using Winchester Mark II match ammo, loaded in 1959, and Mark III 
loaded in 1972, which has been stored all these years in military steel 
ammo cans.  The stuff is still as accurate as it ever was.  The 
lubricant in Eley Tenex dries out after about 20 years, but if you 
re-lube it with a little lithium grease and wipe off the excess with a 
patch it will be as good as ever.  Some of the cheap ammos may develop 
rim spits as the brass is not annealed after the cases are drawn, so 
you have to be careful.  They often leave high velocity ammo hard 
through the rim section for greater strength, and this can give 
problems.  However I have shot some Montgomery Ward high velocity which 
was made by Federal in 1976, which is still as good as ever.


        Ed Harris,
      via The Black Cat's Shack's FidoNet<->Usenet Gateway
   and   Fidonet 1:109/401

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