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From: Gale McMillan <>
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Re: Boat tail  Bullets
Date: 16 Nov 1997 14:12:37 -0500

Gregory Garland wrote:

# Bartbob wrote in message <64g6nb$>...
# #Few hunters will notice any difference between boattail and flat base bullets
# # up through 300 to 400 yards.  The difference in trajectory is usually much
# # less than the accuracy level attained.  Besides, flat base bullets may well
# # shoot more accurately in factory barrels anyway.
# Have read that flat base bullets are supposed to be somewhat more accurate
# generally.  Something about the way the bullet exits the muzzle has a way of
# more cleanly deflecting muzzle blast so that it doesn't get "kicked" causing
# bullet yaw, and potential funnel type flight path.
# That said, I use boat tails exclusively for the added b.c. and drift
# factors.
# Regards,
# Greg.
# #

If you consider the way a boat tail bullet is made you will understand
that it is an impossibility for the tail of the bullet to be inline with
the body.  If the tail is formed in the upper punch it will always be
off by half the amount of the clearance between punch and die.  If it is
made in the lower punch it will be a wider tolerance since there is more
clearance in the lower punch.  With the tail of the bullet being off
center by at least 1/2 a ten thousands keeps the bullet from flying
true.  That is the reason you don't see them used in competition (BR
that is) We will hear a loud cry from long range shooters and all I can
say is the ability to lay on ones belly and shoot 1/10 moa is an
impossibility so they can get away with using them since the error
factor is still smaller than the shooters ability.  There was a remark
made above about a flat base shooting better in a factory barrel and I
will change that and say any barrel!  My favorite saying is the records
speak for its self.  Show me a national benchrest record shot with a
boat tail bullet.  One thing that clouds the issue is that no high power
match bullets are made with a flat base so they can only be compared
with custom match bullets made with flat bases of which there are few.
I will say that the small amount of loss of accuracy is off set by the
ability to overcome conditions due to decreased flight time at ranges of
600 and beyond.

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