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From: Gale McMillan <>
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Re: 25/06 - rate of twist
Date: 7 Nov 1997 06:38:13 -0500

Fluid wrote:

# Someone wrote:
# #
# # I would like to rebarrel a Remington 700 action in 25/06. What rate of twist
# #  would be recommended in order to stabilize the heavier bullets in the 120 Gr.
# #  range ?
# For long bullets like the 117s and 120s, it would be a mistake to go
# slower than a 1:10 twist rate.  Actually, some experts believe that the
# 10-inch twist may be marginal with some of the longer 120s, citing
# stability problems in some rifles.
# 100-grain bullets are more accurate in my Jarrett-barreled .257
# Weatherby than are the 117/120 types, but that may be due to other
# causes than twist rates.  I have noticed oblong holes in the target at
# 100 yards with some 120s in my .250 Savage.  Both firearms have a
# 10-inch twist rate.  If it were available, I'd opt for a 9-inch
# rate...but would live fine with a 10-inch rate.
# Jay T

There is no reason to shoot a longer bullet than a 100 gr. bullet in a
25 cal rifle its like shooting a 220 gr in a 30 cal. And now I am going
to catch it from all the heavy bullet shooters! Ideal bullet weight for
cal are as follows  22 cal 50, gr 6MM 87gr, 25 cal 100 gr,270 130,7MM
140,30cal 165.when you go to longer bullets you may gain in one factor
and loose in three. What you gain in increased energy you loose in over
penetration. Trajectory ect.The military has spent millions over the
last 50 years looking for the optimum bullet weight for the 30 cal and
the answer has fallen between 150 and 173. The present trend in longer
bullets has come with trying to increase the effective range of a
particular cal. By increasing the weight you  increase the range by
sacrificing other factors. A question, What good does a hit at beyond
effective range if you give up energy by over penetration and reduce the
chance of a clean kill. It is much better to use the weapon designed to
be effective at the range you  plan to be covering.  Example Instead Of
using a 6MM for 400 yard shots with a 105 Gr. bullet move on up to 7MM
or 30 cal.and use the optimum weight for that caliber.

gale McMillan

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