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From: John De Armond
Subject: Re: Bullet Pullers - a Gadget Review
Organization: Dixie Communications, The South's First Commercial Public Access Unix (Henry E. Schaffer) writes:

#Then you
#*hit* the closed end on a piece of wood -just as if you were nailing
#with a hammer.  I have found that to take apart a .38 Spl cartridge
#with a 158 gr. lead bullet held in with a medium crimp takes 2-3
#fairly hard hits - of the force of hammering in an 8 penny nail - 
#hey, this isn't tapping, this is hitting.  
#  But then I tried to take apart some .222 Remington cartridges, 
#which were loaded with 50 gr. bullets.  I hit, and I Hit and I HIT
#and the bullets just sat there very happy with their place in the
#case neck.  

Here's a couple of tips I discovered while operating a kinetic puller over 
the  years.

First, use a HARD striking surface.  I keep a brick under my bench for
the purpose but concrete or steel works equally well.  Whatever the 
object, the surface must be hard such that the puller bounces sharply
when struck.

Second tip, accelerate the hammer smartly and then relax your grip before
the puller strikes the surface.  Allow the hammer to bounce.  The added
acceleration on the case of this bounce greatly aids in bullet removal.
I've never had any problem pulling even .233 military crimped rounds.

Of all the striking surfaces I've tried, wood is probably one of the worst.


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