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From: (John Bercovitz)
Subject: Re: bad ammo update
Organization: Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, California

In article <> (Chuck Huffington) writes:

#In article <> (The Rifleman) writes:

##WD40 deactives the primer?  What about Break Free?  Is it safe to put
##Break Free where it could contact the primer?

#Any oil wrecks primers.  Don't put any oil on/in magazines or any place
#it will get on ammo.

I agree with you in principle; it's foolish to get oil on cartridges.
However, many tests have been done by many organizations and they all
show Break Free is safe and WD40 is not.  I still wouldn't do it (put
Break Free on my cases) except as an experiment.

John Bercovitz     (

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