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From: bbxrbk! (Russ Kepler)
Subject: Re: Corbin Press
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Michael Zeleny <> wrote:
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#wu7e@ACM.ORG (Jim Gaspar, P.E., FBP) writes:
##Are any of the stronger swaging presses, for example the Corbin, strong
##enough to swage a copper bullet?  I mean a solid copper (pure) bullet, not
##just a jacket.
#For that matter, where does one buy a Corbin press?

#From Dave Corbin?

PO Box 2659
White City, OR  97503

Phone: 503-826-5211
Fax: 503-826-8669

He's got different presses, going from the Silver press at about $190,
the CSP-1 at $270 and the CSP-2 at $750 and the hydraulic CHP-1 at
$5500.  The Silver press is good for forming pretty much anything in
soft lead using a 3/4" diameter die (M dies), the CSP-1 can handle the
M dies as well as larger dies (1" diameter called "S" dies) and harder
lead alloy up to about 11 Bhn, the CSP-2 takes dies for the Hydro
press called "H" dies.  The CHP-1 is the monster, capable of forming
pretty much anything, and I believe that it is capable of forming pure
copper bullets in most any caliber below .50 cal.

I started swaging out of curiosity, and found that I can make pretty
good bullets.  The cost is pretty high, though, and is likely out of
the range of most folks (for jacked designs in .30 cal and above,

The prices I quoted were from a year ago, and may well have changed.
You will have more luck reaching him on fax than phone.

Russ Kepler posting from home

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