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From: (Bart Bobbitt)
Subject: Re: Copper solvent avalability ...
Organization: Hewlett-Packard Fort Collins Site

Well, if they do ban the commercial copper solvents, I'll continue to
use 28% ammonia mixed 50-50 with Hoppe's No. 9.  That stuff'll quickly
remove copper fouling along with any other fouling it gets on.  Which
includes some stock finishes.  If used with a coated cleaning rod, it
works its way under the coating at the end and quickly corrodes the
rod's steel core.  Then the coating peels off.  I suggest using only the
uncoated stainless steel cleaning rods with such aggressive bore cleaners.

I only use this stuff when a bore is a tad on the rough side and accuracy
drops off a noticable amount.  Shooter's Choice is plenty good enough
with proper smooth bores, I've found.


From: (Bart Bobbitt)
Subject: Re: Ammonia in barrels
Organization: Hewlett-Packard Fort Collins Site

Ammonia won't harm barrel bores as long as it's not left in more than
10 to 15 minutes.  Sweet's 7.62mm Bore Cleaner (from Australia) has
about 12% ammonia in it and is a favorite bore cleaner amongst a lot
of highpower competitors.  These folks won't use any cleaner that
would ruin a $350 barrel, but they don't let it stay in very long.

Some high-percentage bore cleaners chemically react with others and
the resultant compound will etch the bore.  For example, if you've
used Sweet's or Hoppe's BR cleaner in you barrel, then immediately
follow up with Shooter's Choice, the combined chemicals will and has
etched bores making them rough and less accurate.


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