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From: gmk@falstaff.MAE.CWRU.EDU (Geoff Kotzar)
Subject: Re: Enfield: Which One?
Organization: Case Western Reserve University

In article <> (Ole-Hjalmar Kristensen) writes:
#The P14 is probably stronger, but it is not really an Enfield, but
#more of a Mauser type action.
#Btw., I am trying to unscrew the barrel from a P14 receiver, but it
#seems to be stuck. Does anyone know for sure which way the threads go
#on the P14? Any other tips?

I think your problem is not which way the threads go but rather how your
rifle was assembled. There was an article in the NRA Gunsmithing Guide, I
believe, that talked about the problem of removing the barrel from the
Enfields. The author told about having to put a 20' (twenty-foot) cheater
bar on the wrench and then having two men hang from the end to loosen the
barrels. When the barrels finally did break free they cracked the receivers.
The author of this particular article was a gunsmith and stated that the
procedure they finally adopted was to set the barreled action up in a lathe
and use a parting tool to relieve the barrel just in front of the receiver.
With that done the barrel could be unscrewed by hand. Apparently the barrels
were really torqued down HARD when they were assembled. Be careful, a lot of
Enfield receivers were cracked until they discovered this method. Good luck.

geoff kotzar

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