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From: (Arno Hahma)
Subject: Re: Best Chrome finish or other?
Organization: University of Turku, Finland

In article <> (Mickey Boyd) writes:

#For those that do not like "white guns", I hear there is a black hard chrome
#out there (but I have not seen an example of it).  Anyone tried it yet?

That is true, such a chrome plate exists. In fact, it is exactly the
same as bright chrome, only the process conditions are
altered to yield another color. Black chrome is much easier to make
than a bright one, btw.

There are also guns, that have been black chromed instead of being
blued - naturally this kind of a coating will last better. Black
chrome is also seen on motorcycle exhaust pipes.

Then there is also another, black coating called something like black
nitrification/nitration. It is made by treating the metal in an ammonia
atmosphere under a relatively high temperature. This can also be
bright, like on a cranckshaft of an engine. Black, nitrified coating is
used on hydraulic cylinders and other machine parts, where a high
durability is required.


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