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From: (Bart Bobbitt)
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Re: Service rifle stock care
Date: 23 Nov 1993 18:52:35 -0500

FullerPlast from Fuller Paint Company is one of the best finishes for
a riflestock.  It's two part; epoxy and hardner mixed 16:1.  Easily
rubbed in with ones fingers, it takes about 5 hours to harden enough
to sand/steelwool between coats.  It easily sprays on with various
spray gun systems.  

One of my 20 year old stocks still has the original FullerPlast finish
on it.  Except for places dinged by usage in which 6 barrels were worn
out in its receiver, the finish looks new, clear and excellent.  Those
ding marks just compress the wood; no finish cracking is evident.  Seems
FullerPlast tends to remain somewhat flexible, yet very tough and water
resistant (proof?).  This stuff actually reinforces the surface wood
grain structure as it's much harder and more durable than oil finishes.
It comes in both gloss and satin finish.  You can get just the gloss, 
then buy a bit of clear flattener from an auto paint shop.  Mix that
flattener with some FullerPlast and it'll finish to a satin texture.

Linseed oil does give one of the nicest looking finishes any wood should
sport; but at the expense of softening the wood it impregnates.  That's
why refinishing so-treated wood stocks is so easy; sand and steel wool
the area, then start reapplying linseed oil.  Even so-so refinishing jobs
in damaged areas look excellent.

I've never had a zero change using wood stocks completely finished (the
inside, outside and behind the buttplate) with FullerPlast. 


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