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From: (Ed Harris)
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Re: Gyrojet rocket pistol
Keywords: Gyrojet
Date: 1 Oct 90 21:27:39 GMT

In article <> chan93@snybufva.BITNET (Alvin M. Chan)

>Was there ever a real gun called a Gyrojet?  It supposedly fired .50cal
>slugs with little rockets in them (what happens if the rocket thrust is

Yes, there was a Gyrojet pistol, also a Gyrojet carbine.  As I remember
both were 13 mm, or about .51 cal.  I fired one when I was on the NRA
tech staff, but was not particularly impressed with its power or
accuracy.  At short range it was not very effective because it took
some time and distance for the projectile to accelerate, but at long
ranges it was not very accurate.  A good item for spy novels, but not
much else.


   	Ed Harris,
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