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From: (John Bercovitz)
Subject: Re: 3-round bursts (was: Re: Glock's spring guide)
Organization: Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

In article <> (Doug Gwyn) writes:

#In article <> (Mickey Boyd) writes:
##In article <>, (JOHN R TYNER) writes:
###What's the point in throwing your 2nd and subsequent rounds into the air?
##The idea is to have a high enough cyclic rate so as to fire off the rounds 
##before the recoil pushes your arm up (too far).

#But only the first round will be "aimed fire".
#I agree that there is no point in the full-auto fire except perhaps for
#"suppressing fire".  My experience with full auto is limited to M16A1,
#with which I could reliable hit man-sized objects at 300 yards, but in
#full-auto mode (kept to 3-round bursts) I was NEVER able to get hits on
#the second or third rounds in a full-auto series even at 50 yards.  And
#the M16 has comparitively good recoil properties.  In a handgun I would
#judge full-auto fire to be wasteful.  You should AIM your shots!

This has been my experience with full auto guns also with one exception.
Have you ever tried the silenced H&K MP5?  It really is like aiming a
high pressure water hose.  It's completely controllable after one gets the
hang of it (and one does get the hang of it very quickly).  

         (John Bercovitz)

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